Write for Us!

We’re looking for contributors to join our growing stable of authors.  If you know something about the subjects we cover, and you bring a style based on ruthless, data/evidence-driven argument with the ability to make the facts and numbers come to life, then we want you.  Especially if you can throw in the humor needed to make deadly serious subjects really come to life.

We need these things from our writers:

  • Subject matter expertise.  Your resume screams credibility. You lived it or you have the research ability to write authoritatively and credibility about it, including to people who actually did live it.  Neither John P. nor Dr. Jeff were ever in Scientology, but they can tell people who lived it for decades something new.
  • Writing chops. You can write well, with a voice that’s clearly yours.  You can take a stand and get your readers eager to hear what you have to say.  Your voice comes through in your existing writing, even if you don’t have 30,000 blog posts in your portfolio.  Grammar and punctuation are important, but we can take care of a lot of that.  We have no problem publishing people who aren’t native English speakers.
  • Logical rigor.  You can argue not just passionately but logically, with an ability to put together source documents so people can check your premises out themselves before agreeing with your conclusion.  Your writing has a strong point of view, but it’s backed up with a lot of intellectual depth.
  • A sense of humor. We’re not all deadly serious. We welcome the occasional article about a lighter topic, but it’s gotta be one you know about and are passionate about. For example, John P. slides in a post now and again about Steely Dan, a band he’s followed for 40 years.
  • Ability to hit deadlines. To build a community of devoted readers, we have to publish on a predictable schedule. A one-time contribution is great. But if you want to be a regular contributor, we’ll allocate publishing slots that work for your schedule and interest level… “Every Thursday,” “First & 3rd Mondays,” etc., and we need to count on you.  So whatever you commit to, you need to be able to deliver copy 48 hours ahead of publication and maintain enough of a pipeline of articles that if one stumbles late in the game, you’ve got a quality replacement that you can finish off and put out with no apologies.

We’ve got a detailed guide for prospective writers that explains our style and our process.  Click here to get to the Writer’s Guide.

If you want to sign up, please use the Contact form.