… John P.

I have spent most of the last twenty years managing money on Wall Street.  That’s been great training in research and analysis, trying to figure out why things are happening and to figure out what might happen next.  When you understand the past and present, you can sometimes predict the future in a way that delivers the results you want. On Wall Street, that’s about making more money for your customers than the competition; in Scientology, it’s about figuring out the best course of action to excise the cancer of this cult on society.

I fell, entirely by accident, into learning about Scientology in mid-2011, and was fascinated by what I learned. And, like many activists against the cult, the more I learned, the worse it is.  As I began to understand the depths of corruption and the cruelty that the cult visits on members, staff and families of culties, I realized I couldn’t sit on the sidelines. I am attempting to use my skills from my “day job” to help people understand what’s going on with the cult, what will be the most effective path to take to bring it down faster, and how people might maximize their chances of success.

I started this blog to try complement the existing sites that each do a great job at what they’re good at, by trying to do something that they aren’t really set up to do.  My first post gives more details on where I’m starting and where I see this evolving over time.

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