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  1. And just to be politically correct, it also rhymes with “She, mail” and “she, male”, and “gee, sh-male”.

    1. I’ll confirm you manually. Thanks for the bug report!

      Aaarrrggghhh! There have been way too many of these little chickenshit issues in the last 36 hours… Running a blog is harder than I thought. There was so much going on behind the scenes yesterday that I decided to take a vacation day from Global Capitalism HQ to try and nail everything down and yet I still ran out of time to get a feature article out today. The Daily Digest will be up at 10-ish (US ET).

  2. Thank You JP. Been lurking, lulzing, IRL protesting, and sometimes trolling since 2008. I sincerely hope this little ‘side project’ of yours takes hold.

  3. Oh, I see what you are doing here, culling and providing a digest of the most valuable comments and essays imbedded among the almost two thousand posts that accumulate rapidly on Tony’s blog. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. Already I was able to use your guide to find Derek’s excellent posts quickly, and quite a few others.
    I hope you can keep it up. It is a great service. dd

  4. Hi John!

    Here is a website that gives a list of the “predatory publishers,” that is, the ones that do not have a lot of scholarly requirements to be published in their publications.

    These are also publishers that grab things off Wikipedia and use it to publish their own books, with unsourced information and often incorrect or missing attributions.

  5. You need to post more! I miss seeing your posts at the bunker and I’m pretty sure I’m starting to hear crickets here. Get to work! :O)

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